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9:05 AMApril Vaughan

WOW!!! How long has it been since i have made a webpage or blogged? Its been to damn long. Those of you who have known me forever remember all the websites and cool ass stuff i used to make. It will probably still be a bit before I start making graphics and all that. Im working on a netbook and its super hard to make stuff on it. I like having a big screen. And then theres not enough memory on this computer for me to download all the stuff I need to even start making stuff. I need to get a desktop computer. I hope come tax time Josh will get us one. This laptop is mainly for the kids. I dont want to hog it from them. So right now im just more so playing around. I want to eventually start doing it all again and coding my own website and making them for others again too. Right now im using a premade template with some tweaks I added. Well thats All for right now.

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