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10:17 PMApril Vaughan

 Yes 2 blogs in one day. Im going to try to start writing in here everyday. I would like to start using my LiveJournal too. But for now this will do.. Woke up around 6:30am . Got the kids ready for school. had a hard time finding pants for Caden. He keeps leaving his stuff at his aunt Ashtons or his pap=pa Billys. Every time i turn around he has out grown a pair. And then Colton. He just keeps getting taller. Pants will fit him around the waist but theyre to short. Then the ones that are long enough are to big in the waist. Oh well such is life. I was super tired todauy. I dont know why. It was so hard to keep my eyes open. Made a pot of coffee and drank almost 4 cups BLACK! Then i ended up crashing when Cameron layed down for his nap. Cameron is getting so big. He is starting to watch TV. He loves Veggie Tales Sing A Long. As long as it has music then he will watch it. Day wasnt really eventful. Cooked spaghetti for dinner. Got the kids to bed. Now im blogging and going to work on my website.
 Me and Josh are doing good too. I know its not going to be easy for us. But, I owe it to myself, Josh and the boys to make it work. I love Joshua with all my heart. Even when we werent together he was the one person I could call and tell any and everything to. I wanted to talk to him at stupid times. When i was sick, had a tooth ache. When I needed to gossip or just talk and know what im saying will never get told to anyone else... He was and still is the one person in my life beside my momma that I could talk to. The person I trusted above all others. Im happy hes giving me second chance. I used to feel like I was making a sacrifice moving up here to Virginia but I dont see it that way anymore. Josh and the boys are doing wonderful here. So is it really a sacrifice for me? I dont know anyone here. I have no friends and no family besides the boys and Josh. But I think thats probably for the best. If me and Josh are going to make us work then I think Im where I need to be. There is no outside influences for me to be swayed by. Im getting all teared up. Im a lucky women to have a man like Josh working on forgiving me and get past the hell I put him through last year. On that note.... Im going to a little more to the site, read and then go to sleep. Tata For Now!!

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