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10:03 AMApril Vaughan

Well not much exciting has happened in the past couple days. Just been sitting around the house. Doing the usual. Cleaning. Cooking. Playing with Cam. Is my life boring? HELL YES! But its exactly what I want. :) Just want to stop in. I still doing know I want to use this or my livejournal. I really need a desktop computer or a laptop. Instead of using this netbook. I cant do really anything except browse the internet. And even that is slow. Its hard watching even youtube clips without them messing up. Cams learning to do all kinds of stuff. Hes a mess!! Into everything now. I made spheghetti the other night. He ate his his is high chair. Cade & Colt ate there food at the table. Well when they all were done I let them get up. I hadnt picked the plates up off the table yet. I was running the boys a bath and was wondering where Cam was. So I start looking for him. Hes sitting at the table in a chair like a big boy eating off one of the boys plates and trying to use a fork. SO CUTE! :) I just took some plain pictures. Found this make over site again. I want to see what Ill look like with different color hair, short hair, bangs. So on and so on. Ya get my drift! :) Thats all for now yall! See ya.

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