2014 aprilsx0xdesigns

Almost finished with this! :)

11:16 AMApril Vaughan

aprilsx0xdesignsWell I have finally almost finished this blog. I have been working on this dang thing on and off for years lol. I have started and stopped a whole bunch of times. I haven't really had anything stopping me per say from finishing it up. I love designing and coding but I have to be in the right mind set to do it. So now that I have this finished up I probably am going to start working on my mother in laws site for her daycare and my sister in laws photography and craft site. Kristin if you happen to read this then kick me in the butt and get me working!! :) I have gone back and forth between building sites on webbly and wix but I kept coming back to blogger. I have got to brush up on html and everything else. So much has changed since  I used to make websites for myself and other folks. I need a way to make some money from home too. I need to start using the tools that I have at my disposal instead of doing nothing with them. :) Feel free to grab this picture quote. Anytime I post them they are free to grab! So that's that. I'm going to run. Its time to get the older boys from school. Ta ta for now!

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