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look @ that stomach! 
Well I have had a pretty wonderful week and last weekend was very fun too. So.... where to start? hmmm lets start with Softball Sunday! .....                                                                                                  My husband plays football every Sunday with some of his buddies. Sometimes everyone kids go too. well this past Sunday they did something different. They got everyone together and decided to do a co-op softball game. So Sunday thats what we all did. I didnt play softball with everyone because im a scared cat lol. I played with kids, hung out with my sister in law Rachel, cousin Kayla, my mom came down for a bit. I had a great time. So Im thinking with the success and the fun everyone had on Sunday that thats what the men folks will be doing from now on out. So thats cool having to look forward to. 

 Everyone that knows me personally knows that in the past I have had some legal problems. When my husband and I got back together after our separation and I moved to Virgina... I was on 2 different probation's in the state of Georgia. One was a misdemenor and the other one was for a bunch of driving charges (no license, tag, blabla). Well I broke my probation's when I moved to VA to be with my hubby and my kids. I learned last year that my misdemeanor probation office was being sued and that they had lost their contract with Columbia County. All I had to do was pay off my remaining balance of $329 and I would be off probation. I was looking at the warrant list for Columbia county a few weeks ago and saw one of my warrants were not showing up anymore. I finally talked myself into calling the 2 probation offices to find out what I had to do to get everything worked out and see if there was a way to avoid going to jail. Its been 4 years since I got the driving charges and almost 5 years since I got my misdemeanor charge. I learned last Friday that my misdemeanor probation still needs to be payed off BUT the warrant in inactive until the lawsuit is over with. NEXT... the driving charges... I owed them almost $3500. And that's the one if I had got caught I could of spent up to 3 months in jail waiting to go to court. well I explained everything to that probation office. She put me on hold for almost 30 minutes and I ALMOST hung up. I thank GOD that I did not because she came back on the phone and said that Probate court was closing my case. I AM FINALLY FREE! FIRST TIME IN ALMOST 5 years that I do not have to be worried!!! Hallelujah praise the Lord! If this wasn't proof that God is working for me than I dont know what is. I have worked hard in the last several years to change, to be a better woman, mother, wife, friend, sister, daughter, aunt, cousin, etc.. I have got to discouraged and depressed since moving back here to Georgia. It seems like everytime I turn around something is going wrong for my family. Father in law passing, car wrecked, husband out of work, struggling non stop everyday to make ends meat. FINALLY something has gone right for ME! 

I have started going to the gym with my sister in law Kristin and my mom. I am almost 29 years old and I have never once gone to a gym with intentions of working out. I have been in a gym but never worked out at one lol. So this is an entirely new experience for me. Im so glad that I get the share it with Kristin and my mom. I love my husband but I would of been to embarrassed or intimidated for him to see me the first time working out at the gym. Every woman that knows my husband Josh should be able to feel my pain lol. Hes so muscular, fit, and all around just SEXY AS HELL! Hes got the body of a God *IMO* lol. Anyways... Cameron of course comes with us. The gym we are going to is Golds Gym in North Augusta. They have a day care there. The first day we went my mom was going to hang out with Cameron because we didnt think he would stay at the day care with out me. He is a total mommas boy but we are always together. But HE DID STAY!!! YAY!! He calls it "Gym School" lol. He is a social butterfly that one. He will want to cling to me but hes easily distracted. He loves playing with new toys and new kids.  

Yesterday, Me and Kristin went back to the gym to do a Combat class. It was SO much harder than what I originally thought it would be but it was so much fun. I have never ever actively worked out like I have in the last 2 days. I was supposed to have gone today and now that its later in the day I really wish I would of. I was exhausted though. I had to get up at 5am yesterday morning but I had been laying in the bed since the kids woke me up around 4:30am. Caden had to be at school at 6:15 because he had a field trip to Ft.Sumter. THEN Colton had to be at school at 7:30am. I walk them to school. I went to the gym and did that class and then tanned. Shortly after I got home I had to go back to the school and get Colton. Poor thing got hit right near his eye at recess. Then at 5pm I had to go back to the school to get Caden. Then I started my monthly crazy time... so yeah I was worn out. 

Im going to run now. I need to make a few things for a old friend of mine Brittany. Her grandma just passed away and she was super close to her. Her grandma was such a sweet woman.

Tata for now!

Camerons faces each day after "Gym School"
Me and My mommy

Coltons hurt eye
me playing ball AFTER the crowd left
My sexy hubby

Kayla, Me, & Rachel

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