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Scrap page I made for my husband!This is a scrap page I made in memory of my father in law JR Vaughan. He was one of the most wonderfully caring men I have ever met in my life. He would give you the shirt off your back if you had need of it. He passed them traits on to his son. Sometimes its a bad thing lol but more often than not its a great thing. Jr passing has affected every one who knew him. We all miss him so very much. I tried for almost 9 months to make something in his memory for his friends and family to use on facebook. I started a million different things and trashed everyone until this one. I have a very hard time making anything for someone dead to my heart that has passed away. Im such a self contained person that dealing with heavy emotions is extremely difficult for me. If you knew JR than feel free to use these below on your facebook. They the facebook timeline banner and profile picture. You can also you use the scrap page too. Print it out and frame it. Thats what im planning on doing with it. Click on the READ MORE below to see the rest! 

Facebook timeline banner

 Scrapbook page

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