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5:54 PMApril Vaughan

My family has gone through several life altering changes this past year. Some good, some bad, some so-so. Its been a year since we left Virginia and moved back here... Just to lose the person we were moving back for only a week later. 

Its been a year since we lost a very important person to my family. Y'all know who I'm talking about. Jr... Everyone that knew him either liked &/or loved him. I'm sure there werent that many people who actually disliked him. He was the type of person that as soon as you met him you automatically liked him. He was always kind to me... even when he had every right not to be. He was still there for me when Josh and I separated. He was the only person that stayed in contact with me during the separation. He told me I was wrong for what I did and was doing to his son & grandkids. Yet he still encouraged me to reach out to Josh and try to right my wrongs.  He told me if its meant to be than we would find our way back to each other. He didn't jump on the "Let's bash & hate April Train". He supported and respected mine and Joshs relationship... be it friendship or marriage . That meant a great deal to me and its something I will never forget.
I'm so glad that he got to come visit us in Virginia. I know he enjoyed being able to spend time with Josh & the kids with out a million other things distracting him or needing his attention. I thank God every day that my husband and boys had that opportunity to be with him.
This year has been extremly hard for each one of us. I thought of Jr as a father figure... A second dad of sorts. I can not even imagine the pain that my husband lives with daily. It has been a huge adjustment for my family to learn to live in a world that Jr's no longer a part of.
So now I want to take the time out to thank everyone that was there for us after Jr passed. And another huge thank you to everyone that continued to stick by us.

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