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Lookeee what came in the mail yesterday.

2:28 PMApril Vaughan

Okay so I should of posted this yesterday but I was busy and just didn't get around to it.
Do yall see that picture? Oh YESSS that's 4 packages.  3 are MINE & 1 is my mommas. One package was something I actually bought from Amazon. Its a 7" leather tablet case. Nothing fancy but I needed something to protect my tablet. Its a fancy smancy tablet. Its a Trio Stealth G4. The screen is plastic and not glass like most. Of course the kids have already scratched it a bit so maybe this will help.
Okay now for the GOODIES.

1. I finally got my VoxBox from Influenster. Its a VicksCoolMist FilterFree Mini Humidifier. I posted the unboxing video via my YouTube Channal which can be found HERE.  My review will be up soon. But first thoughts are WOW it sure doesn't look like a MINI Humidifier.  I was thinking it would be this little ole thing and it's not. Its the perfect size for a bedroom.

2. I won face and body brush from Splashscore. Its called SPIN for Perfect Skin by Vanity Planet. This is something I'm super excited to try. I'm going to buy the refills brushes for it too so Josh and I both can have a set for our self. This is something I don't want to share lol. I posted the unboxing video via YouTube which can be found HERE.

3. MOMMA - Dead Sea Bath Salts by Adovia. I tried them last night and my skin was so smooth after getting out of the bath. She got them from Tomoson
I can't believe we are getting these things for free. Its crazy. I always saw people winning or getting things for free to try out and review. I always thought I would never be able to do that. But I can and am. This is awesome lol.

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