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BOOKS: JR Ward is going back to her roots. *BDB Legacy Series*

2:00 PMApril Vaughan

So earlier as I was catching up on book related stuff I ran across a article on Heroes & Heartbreakers about one of my all time favorite authors... the fabulous J.R Ward has posted a thread over at Goodreads which you can find HERE. She will be doing a spin off of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. She is going back to her roots sort of. Thats the only way I can explain it. Her BDB series is one of the best I have ever read but they are not really stand a lone books in my opinion. You need to have read most of the books in the series to really understand what all is going on when you pick up any books in the series. She wants to go back to true paranormal romance where there is a heroine and a hero and they fall madly in love and get their own happily ever after. Apparently she will be introducing MORE new characters in to the upcoming "The Shadows" so we will get a little glimpse. We will still see the old characters that we know and love in this new spin off. So im totally stoked about that. Go ahead and follow the link over to her Goodreads thread and check out what she has to say!

 If you want a little sneak peak look below at what jumped out at me! :)

Highlights from her post.

"I miss the Brothers.
The original ones. We're talkin' the ones who started it all.

I miss that scene, in DARK LOVER, when Fritz kindly asks the Brothers, if they're going to bloody the human, please take him outside.

As much as I LOVE the BDB series where it is now, and as much as I'm psyched to keep writing it and will continue to do so, I miss the good ol' days."

and more....

"I described to her a new series, where the BDB training center is reopened to a new cast of recruits, and THE ORIGINAL BROTHERS teach these FNUGs wassup. In the process of the new recruits falling in love and getting into a sh*t ton of trouble, THE ORIGINAL BROTHERS could be shown with their shellans, their Brothers, their people in the mansion, in a more prominent way than I'm able to do in the BDB books.

Paperback, yo. Not hardcover. Traditional PNR, just like DARK LOVER was in the old days.

Sex. Lot of sex. 

So... we have the first of the Black Dagger Legacy books, BLOOD KISS, coming out this December. "


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