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Got my nails did ;)

6:34 PMApril Vaughan

I have been really wanting to get my nails done. The last time I did was probably a good 5 years ago. Well since I lost my license... When that happened I lost out on being able to do a lot of things. Hair cuts, manicures etc... I will be here all night making THAT list.
So I saw these the other night at Walgreen's but I didn't get them. Well I did.. But I put them back at the register when I found out I would be spending more $ than planned. (My mom left her money at home.) I am trying to hold on to my tax money. Cause once its gone... ITS GONE!
Anyways... I went to the dollar store the next day and got some. I should if taken a picture of them but I didn't. I really liked how they turned out.
So at my weekly Walgreens trip I found out that I had $15 in Walgreen points. So this is what I got! :) $11 beats $35 any day! So yeah I have found a way to get my nails done. DO IT MYSELF!

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