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PRODUCT REVIEW: Mysterious wonderful Shampoo & Conditioner!

6:32 PMApril Vaughan

I have no idea who the maker of this shampoo and conditioner is but its fabulous! A few weeks ago I was filling out a survey and was selected to try out some Shampoo and Conditioner. This is the first time for me sampling/testing a UNKNOWN brand. The instructions say that whoever is hosting/conducting the study would be contacting me with a follow up email. I have been using this stuff for a week now and I LOVE IT!!! You know how you can always tell when a conditioner is really good stuff? It just feels better while its on your hair? It has silky creamy kinda feel? And then afterwards while your brushing your after after getting out of the bath... It feels like your hair just weighs more? It feels smoother to the touch? Thats what this stuff did for me!!

UPDATE: Still have not managed to find the actual product in the store! I cry nightly thinking about it ;)

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