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Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards Live Viewing Party

7:52 PMApril Vaughan

I am new to the world of product testing and having stuff given to me for free just to give my honest opinion. I knew it was possible for some... But I thought that it would never EVER happen to me. My mom got me in to it. Just another thing that I am forever grateful to her for. She kept saying "April you can do it too". And I'm just like... "Hmmm, NO mom you know I'm having a horrible streak of luck right now. Why would anyone give ANYTHING to be for free?" I grew up knowing that to have to work for everything you want in life... And NOTHING is ever free.. At least not for me. Why would big name companies send me anything for free? I mean really... Come on now... they're all about the money $$$ right? Right? WRONG. I am so pleased that I followed her advice and signed up at the places she told me about. [ I'm on my phone writing this and I can't figure out how to make links in this blogger app. I will get on the computer to edit this later and update links! ]
So... one of the sites is
They had some really cool things on it. Thus one was different than the others I signed up for. Houseparty is pretty much what its all about. If selected to host one of their party's they send you a party pack full of goodies and everything you need to throw yourself and yours friends a fun party. I was selected to try out products in the other sites pretty fast. Within a week of signing up I was sent emails saying I was getting something. That wasn't the case with I had almost given up hope on this site. Its been almost 3 months and all I was getting was denials lol. I jumped for joy, fell out the chair, and yelled for the boys when I got the email saying I was picked to host the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards Live Viewing Party!!!!! (: AWESOMENESS :) The boys are pretty excited that we get to do this. So my party pack has come today and its sooooo cool!!!
We haven't watched the Nick Kids Choice awards in years. But we do watch Nickelodeon show's!
I will be hosting the party Jointly with my sister in-law at her house! :)
Can't wait to hang out with my niece's and nephew's. My boys love hanging out with them.
*[All views are my own.]*

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