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TV: Reign has cast Queen Elizabeth & my rants about Mary

4:55 AMApril Vaughan

 All Hail Queen Elizabeth, Long Live The Queen!

EW has an article about the casting of Queen Elizabeth for the TV show Reign. Y'all can find it here ( http://www.ew.com/article/2015/03/10/reign-rachel-skarsten-queen-elizabethv )

What do y'all think about the casting of Rachel Skarsten? I think she may be on the way to being my favorite Queen on Reign. I am a HUGE Reign fan. Its so soapy, campy, ridiculousness, scandalous, and silly BUT I love how ridiculous it is at times.  I knows its no where near to being "historically correct" but that's what makes the show so fun. It got serious there for awhile after Mary Queen of Scots (& france) was raped. I didn't have a problem with the rape scene originally. I thought there were alot of different ways they could go after having something like that. But all they did was use that to introduce a love triangle. Im all for love triangles. I think they're fun, adds a little spice and makes the show even juicer. After the love triangle with Bash last season this just makes me think Mary is ruled by nothing but her hormones. King Antoine got Marys character right when he said what he said to Louis. Mary reasons for being angry at Francis are sound. I GET IT. But shes a Queen. She doesn't have the luxury of cheating on her husband. She sleeps with Conde after telling Francis she couldn't even stand the sound of a man breathing. But Condes the exception? Yeah he has been there for you but only cause he was trying to get under her skirts. I don't agree with what Francis did at the start of the season. He should of told Mary what was going on all along instead of confiding in Lola. COME ON WRITERS your  turning my favorite character on tv in to a woman I cant stand!...   I could go on and on but im not. All I know is that I will be rooting for Queen Elizabeth from now on!

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