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Screenwise Trends Panel by Google

5:14 PMApril Vaughan

So about a month ago I ran across this really cool research panel that is backed by Google. I'm always wary of panels like this that has you download an app on your phone. Most of the ones I have run across want you to download their app and run a VPN if you want your rewards.  This one does not require a VPN. Anyways... being a lover of any and everything Google I decided to check it out. Its called Screenwise Trends Panel. (Go to and sign up. I'm not sure if you have to have a gmail or not. But if you have an android phone you probably already have one. Anyways, sign up, install the browser extension on Chrome, then download the app on your phone AND tablet too if you have one. The more devices... The more $$$! The set up instructions are on the Screenwise site. They're very easy to follow. After the initial set up your good 2 go. Make sure when you are on your computer that the extension is still running and your logged in. On phones and tablets the app will ask you weekly to check in to your mobile browser. And that's pretty much it! But do be aware that this tracks and records everything you do on the devices its installed on. Like I said..  The panel is run by Google and I personally trust that my private info is safe on their servers. I have complete faith in them. Read through the terms and conditions to see if its something you want to do. I installed the app & chrome extension March 16 then added my tablet on April 2 and I have $27 now. Cash out is set at $25. There are several $25 rewarss to choose from. If you want PayPal then the cashout is at $50. They give you $5 on your birthday too! That was totally unexpected and so very welcome! Don't expect it to show up on the day of your birthday. I got the email about 2 weeks after my birthday. I'm really pleased with the Screenwise Trends Panel.

If you need any help or have questions let me know.

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