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9:40 PMApril Vaughan

I signed up for this through SwagBucks to get points. My mom gets these too and I am always asking to use her new nail polishes lol. So it was time for my own. I really like these subscription boxes. I also subsribe to the Walmart beaty boxes too.

I loved all 3 colors this month. They are so bright and remind me of Easter and Spring time. The lipgloss was a light pastel pink. Doesn't really give you a lot of color but its still nice. I am not sure if I an going to keep the subscription. I do my own nails buy getting packs already pre-made and colored from Walgreen weekly. I only use nail polish for my toes. So I find paying monthly for nails polishes just out of my budget, But this is a really nice subscription service for nail polish lovers!

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