I miss windows in need

Laptop is what I need!

2:15 PMApril Vaughan

It has been a few weeks since my last post. I don't have anything to share with y'all today. I am testing a phone and wanted to see how well it worked on Blogger through the website.

Ahhh I need a laptop so very badly. My ancient 10 year old desktop has finally crashed. May it rest in peace! So I thought I would just dig out my mini laptop and start using that. Pfff what a joke! It will not charge pass 18%. I tried to factory reset and flash a new Bios but I can't because the battery needs more charge. When I plug it in to a outlet.. It doesn't show its plugged in either. I wrote to the manufacturer and they told me to do all the steps I had already tried. So they tell me to file a RMA to see if Its still covered under warranty. I can not even do that because their site isn't moble friendly! :( So I am stuck til I can get a new laptop.

I bought a tablet in April for my birthday thinking I could get more work done but nothing can replace the Windows OS! NOTHING. Lets hope I can save enough $$$ for one. Fingers crossed!!

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