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Elba Naturals n.3

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Elba n.3 CoQ1p Cream - Soothing Anti-Oxidant, Skin Energizing Formula, Anti-Wrinkle, Fine Line Reducer, Prevents Collagen & Elastin Damage.

Because of my Ehlers Danlos... I am constantly searching for things that will help me in some way. Every older woman in my family with this disorder started having wrinkles and their skin starting aging earlier than it should have. My granny hands were so wrinkly... its something I will never forget. I really like that Elba n.3 really hits all the issues I want to work on.

Fine line reducer - Yes
Moisturizer - Yes
Prevents collagen damage - Yes

I feel like my skin is starting to take on a new glow... Im not sure if thats the right word I want or not but im sticking with it for now. I am noticing a difference in my skin texture. Its feeling smoother and tighter in a lot of areas. I like this so much that I am making it part of my facial beauty routine for morning and night!

"I received this product at a free or discounted rate to give my honest opinion of this item. All statements, thoughts, and views are my own!"

Elba n.3 - CoQ10 Cream - Soothing Anti-Oxidant, Skin Energizing Formula - Anti-Wrinkle, Fine Line Reducer, Moisturizer, Prevents Collagen & Elastin Damage - 1oz, Made in USA, 100% Money Back Guarantee

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