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Angel Baby Toddler Pillow

3:33 PMApril Vaughan

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I am a pillow lover. I love nice pillows and have since I was a little girl. I have 2 favorite pillows that go with me everywhere. I have shared that with my kids but only 2 of them have really caught on. I got this toddler pillow for my just now 5 year old. He asked for a smaller pillow a few weeks ago. He said the grown up pillows are to big and his head always falls off of them at night while hes sleeping. So when I saw this toddler pillow I was like OMGee kiddo come look! He told me "Yes mom that one!" So thats what I got. He has been using this pillow for a couple nights now and he really likes it. I have went into his room each night and his head is STILL on the pillow. Its the perfect size for him. Its a sturdy pillow yet so very fluffy and soft. Very GOOD quality. It is not a cheap pillow by any means. So often I see these over priced pillows that dont stand up to the test of time and use. This toddler pillow I think will not one of them. I believe my son will get some use out of it! Over all I am very pleased. You can pick up the pillow case for it here!

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