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Okay so I have not done a meme/survey/whatever you call it in a while. I was searching through SmartBitchesTrashyBooks.com for Funny Romance Cover Memes I thought I saw on their site a few months back (could be wrong, could be another site) and I ended up running across this. So I have decided I would like to fill one of these out myself. Theirs was posted in 2005 lol.. That is probably how long ago it was that these things were popular. I remember posting them on Livejournal, AOL, AIM, Myspace, and what not. I think it will by a good way for me to reminisce and also for you to get to know me a little more.

So here we go...

Three screen names that you’ve had: il0vej0shx0x, Aprilx0x, ItsAprilx0x

Three things you like about yourself: My brain when its working right (never in the morning when I wake) No really.. my ability to think outside of the box I guess.. Put myself in others shoes. I am not perfect so I cant expect that of anyone else. I am very open minded when it comes to this. ; My eyes... though they may be small.. they allow me to see the beauty of the world and all the technological advances that get my heart racing! ; My dry sarcastic sense of humor. A lot of people take me the wrong way if they don't know me. But thats their problem not mine right? I'm just kidding. I like to be funny and crack jokes. But I usually don't loosen up unless its around my friends and family.

Three things you don’t like about yourself: My skin. I'm not going to lie. It drives me nuts. I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome vascular type. Its all kinds of frustrating. Bruises constantly, scars galore on my legs, high risk pregnancies.. Its something I have come to terms with having it but I still despise it. Oh & its genetic so I passed it down to 2 of my 4 boys. Im hoping since they are boys it wont be that bad. As a girl growing up with it... it sucked. Kids can be mean. My nickname at the end of 7th grade and all of 8th grade was Barney. Get it? Hes purple and so are bruises and scars (mine are because they don't fade like normal ones). ; The next thing is I am a procrastinator. I put things off until the last minute all the time ; I like to sleep late. I wish I did not but I do. If your not my children then don't expect me to wake for you!

Three parts of your heritage: Lets just leave this one BLANK!

Three things that scare you: Loosing my husband and children. I am sure that is every wife and mothers fear. It scares the ever loving crap out of me. HEIGHTS and things that go round and around and around. Cant do it.. wont do it! I threw up on the Dumbo Elephant ride at the fair. EWW

Three of your everyday essentials: COFFEE, COFFEE, & MORE COFFEE! ; Oh and Coca Cola too! ; OOHH and Ibuprofen. Got to have these 3 things.

Three things you are wearing right now: Victoria's Secret PINK pajamas pants (red with pink & white polka dots) ; My Febreze #BringTheStink t shirt ; Wrist brace on my right hand since I knew I was planning on doing some typing and my tendonitis in my hands will have me typing all over the place.

Three of your favorite songs: Kelly Clarkson - Because Of You ; Adele - Hello ; Ludacris - Move WITCH (cause I can rap this song so good lol) Though I have to do the edited version now a days since im a mom and all.

Three things you want in a relationship: Honesty, Loyalty, and understanding. I have them all in my husband. Hes my hero and my bestfriend. He puts up with my moods and still loves me.

Two truths and a lie: I once colored my hair a orangish yellow ; I can not stand reading books ; I was a teenage mother.

Three things you can’t live without: Family which includes my husband and children ; Coca Cola ; Seafood

Three places you want to go on vacation: Paris France, The Bahamas, And the United Kingdom.

Three things you just can’t do: Get up early every single day ; MATH eww ; deal with certain types of people.

Three kids names: I have 4 so Im saying 4 kids names ; Tyler, Caden, Colton, and Cameron

Three things you want to do before you die: Watch my children grow  up, go to college, be successful, and start a family themselves ; Travel to the places I said above ; Make a million dollars

Three celeb crushes: All of my celebs crushes are women. I have my man! Natalie Dormer, Sandra Bullock, Lena Headey. These 3 ladies are amazingly talented and beautiful.

Three of your favorite musicians: Britney Spears ; Adele ; Rihanna

Three physical things about the opposite sex that appeal to you: My hubbys 6 pack. (he will be 70 years old still rocking it) ; Eyes ; personality

Three of your favorite hobbies: Reading, Tech, Digi Design

Three things you really want to do badly right now: Go back to sleep ; Go shopping ; Drink more coffee.

Three careers you’re considering/you’ve considered: Engineer, Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, Rocket Scientist

Three ways that you are stereotypically a boy: Day to day.. I don't want to have to do my make up or get all dressy ; I like to climb trees ; sometimes I space out and just stop listening

Three ways that you are stereotypically a girl: I love the colors pink and red ; I love reading paranormal romance novels ; I love to shop and have lots of clothes I never wear! :)

PEACE OUT! That was fun!

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