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Favorites from CES 2016

12:07 AMApril Vaughan

I love science and technology. I always have. Science is one of the subjects in school that I always excelled at. So I love it when CES comes around every year. I am glued to my computer screen or phone following all the updates.

Here are some of my top picks from CES 2016. 

WeDo 2.0 by Lego

LEGO has revealed WeDo 2.0, a newer model robotics kit that's designed for elementary school kids. It is a 280-piece set that enables the creation of motorized robots, that help students learn the basics of engineering, science and coding. This is probably the coolest thing by far and that is why its at the top of my list. This is more for teachers to implement in their classrooms but I think it would great to have at home too.

Using Legos is a fabulous idea to get your students or children interested in these things. I read something a few weeks back about teaching children math and fractions by using Legos too. If someone would of came up with that idea back in early and mid 90's... I probably would not suck at math and fractions lol.

Promote investigation, experimentation and develop computing skills. Built on the Next Generation Science Standards for second- through fourth-grades, the WeDo 2.0 Curriculum Pack delivers key content while incorporating activities across science, engineering, and technology. Included is material for delivering 17 projects totaling more than 40 hours of content, plus resources such as learning grids, integrated assessment tools and ideas for differentiation. "

Huawei Honor 5X 

The Honor 5x by Huawei is going to be a game changer in the smartphone world. It is going to be priced at $199 which is a steal for a phone with its capabilities. It will be running Android Lollipop 5.1 right out of the box. It has 16GB internal memory and 2GB of ram. It has a Qualcomm 64bit Octa-Core processor so it should leave you with a smooth and responsive device. My favorite feature no this phone is the Fingerprint sensor which you can use to unlock your phone in half a second and also tap it to make it take your picture. It will also have 5.5" metal body too with a 13MP Camera. It also has a Micro sim, nano sim, and a MicroSD slots. 

This phone is going to blow all the others out of the water. I love smartphones and have been an enthusiast for several years now. I have been able to play around with several low, mid, and high range devices and I think this is going to be right up there with my personal favorite which is the Nexus 5. While I am on that... Huawei is who partnered with Google to give us the Nexus 6. I havent been able to own a N6 yet but I have heard nothing but good stuff about the device. I find it pretty awesome that Huawei is giving us such a great phone at a price we can afford. You can get the Honor 5x from Amazon for only $199 and it comes unlocked. It will work on pretty much any carrier you want to take it to. If you want to read more about it then go to the Huawei Honor site and read more greatness!

Refrigerators have always been kind of ehhh... Who really gets excited over one? I totally understand being happy when you get a new because lord knows I would be. Mine is pretty ancient. It's the run of the mill top freezer with the bottom part being a fridge. Samsung is changing the game when it comes to Refrigerators. MEET THE FAMILY HUB  Refrigerator. As we all know the kitchen is usually the center of the house. The Family Hub has a huge 21.5 inch touchscreen built into the door. It has pre installed apps that let you write notes, sync with Google and Apple calendars, show you the weather. It also lets you see inside of your refrigerator when you're out grocery shopping and need to check your fridge and see if you are out something. Thats pure AWESOMENESS because i'm always forgetting something. Its not available to May 2016 and it will set you back a pretty penny. Normal folks like myself will only dream about this beautiful piece of kitchen tech!
" Transform your kitchen with a revolutionary refrigerator featuring a Wi-Fi touchscreen that lets you connect with your family, manage food, and entertain like never before. Display your calendar, notes, recipes, weather, and more. Look inside remotely with a built-in interior camera. Create shopping lists and order groceries. Stream entertainment, including news, music, and TV. The Family Hub Refrigerator will be available in Spring 2016. "

This is the Neyya Smart Ring. It comes in 2 varieties for you to choose from: Silver & Gold. I would love to own both lol. I was watching some CES coverage and saw this and I was like "OH MY GOSH YES!" I think this is really neat. I love jewelry and incorporating technology into it is pretty genius. Here are some of the features that stand out to me.

Control your ROKU
Fully integrated TV experience for your favorite 
channels. Connect to your ROKU® streaming box 
and control instantly. Watch movies and 
select channels / videos conveniently.

Selfie Ready. Click away.
For the photo friendly ones, the ring instantly 
allows you to capture the moments. Video or Photo,
select and just tap away. No lapse, No lag. 
Just a simple tap, instant gratification.
iOS & Android™ 

Capture Front / Back 
Camera Ready
Instantly attend calls / important update messages,
when the phone is away from you. In meetings and 
discussions, politely reject or silently respond. Stay
aware of VIP customer’s notifications. Experience 
‘chirp’, a silent response, instantly.



I am very excited about the FitBit Blaze. I have a Fitbit Flex and Charge HR already. I have been unable to get the Charge HR to sync with my phone or computer no matter what I do but I was able to get the Flex to work with no problem. But im just not that into either one of them. I have always wanted a smart watch and since I do enjoy activity trackers I think this is genius and over due from Fitbit. It takes the best of both worlds and mashes them together into something really wonderful. Here are some of the features that jumped out at me and have me jumping up and down to get one.
PurePulse™ Heart Rate
Connected GPS
On-Screen Workouts
Call, Text & Calendar Alerts
All-Day Activity & Sleep
Accessory Bands & Frames
Music Control
Multi-Faceted Clock Faces
Fitbit Blaze has a hi-res color touchscreen with a variety of faces to choose from.
Wear Fitbit Blaze up to 5 full days and nights without needing a charge.
Call, Text & Calendar Alerts

See smart notifications on screen, and swipe them away to move on with your day."

So there is my list of my CES 2016 Favorites. I hope everyone has enjoyed what I pulled in. :)

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