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My goodbye letter to Android... Atleast til I get a new Nexus

10:44 PMApril Vaughan

I am giving up Android smartphones til I get a newer Nexus. I am now on day 3 of using my iPhone 6 Plus and I am actually liking it more than I thought. I have been a strictly android girl since I got my very first smartphone. It was the T-Mobile My Touch and it blew me away with all the customization that was available. Leopard print icon packs, pink themes? Yes please! I had previously had 2 iPod touches and I really liked them but they weren't android! So I retired from Apple and never looked back. I have had a variety of android phones. T-mobile My Touch (still not sure what brand it was lol), Samsung Stratosphere, HTC Rhyme, LG L9, Knock Off S4, Moto G, A real Samsung Galaxy S4, S6 Edge, LG G4, but my favorite is the 2013 Nexus 5. The Nexus 5 was my baby. I have been a proud owner of 3 of them... No I take that back. Make that 4 Nexus 5's. My ONLY complaint concerning the N5 is how easy the screens break. The first 2 were complete accidents. One dropped out of my pocket of this dress I was wearing. It had low shallow pockets. My phone was ringing and it vibrated out and feel face down on concrete. Oops. Next one I had laying on my bed and I sat on it. I didn't realize it was under my pillow with a remote sitting on top of it. Oops. My 3rd one I gave to one of kids when I got the new S4. I had always wanted Samsungs S series. They were all the rage. No one other than my brother had heard of Nexus phones. He likes to tinker with phones too.

Well the S4 was a let down. So I got a new N5. I had been using it even after I got the S6 Edge and 6plus. I decided to switch to a LG G4. I have really enjoyed using that phone. It was great for several months. The camera is AMAZING. Both the front and back cameras take excellent pictures. But alas like almost every android phone I have ever owned... The battery sucks. It just goes dead way to fast. So I'm making the switch to iOS until I get another Nexus device. The 6 or 6p.. or ever the 5x. Though, I have gotten use to a bigger screen and I don't want to go back. But a new Nexus device is a new NEXUS. So I would be please either way!

I still have my old N5 that I like to play around with. I love messing around with Custom Roms and tinkering. That's what I have loved most about the Nexus line. The clean version of android. None of the bloat ware from carriers. The ability to change almost every aspect of your device. But more recently for a daily driver I prefer to keep it simple. I have messed up many a phones tinkering around. Never messed up a Nexus though. Go me! But alass, my other son wanted it. So hes using it most of the time now.

In Closing...
I'm finding this iPhone enjoyable enough. There is still a slight learning curve and a few things bug me but me and the old girl are working through our differences. Though I do want to slap her up against the wall because of the many restrictions and other odds and ends. But I guess we all have our quirks right? Whatever its still not Nexus lol!

Goodbye Android... Hello iOS <- 6="" 6p.="" and="" break="" but="" buy="" cause="" come="" down="" even="" for="" get="" got="" heck="" high="" hopefully="" hubby="" i="" if="" it="" know="" long.="" nbsp="" nexus="" not="" or="" orry="" p="" tax="" the="" though="" time.="" to="" water="" will="" you="">

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