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Facebook 5 New “Reactions” are HERE! Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, Angry

2:21 PMApril Vaughan

They are finally here... Facebook Reaction buttons are official as of Wednesday, February 24, 2016. Though the "Dislike" option is nowhere to be found. I am sure that will not make some people as excited over this as they should. Oh well... folks will just have to get over it because we do get an "Angry" reaction. I am really loving the change so far. I have tested it out on my laptop browser and it is now live on my iPhone too. I have not checked my android phone yet but I am sure we will see it soon if not.  I had to do a double check earlier when I first noticed it. I wasn't sure what was going on since I had not heard anything about Facebook reactions yet. I heard months ago that something like this was coming but not when it was coming.

It is really simple to use.  The "Like" button is here to stay and all you need to do is just click on it... If you want to use the new reactions to express more than just a boring old "like" Then all you do is just hover over the "Like" button and it will open a little popup to show your new alternatives. When you are on your phone and in the app you just press down on the LIKE button and the little menu pops up! Also instead of tallying “likes” on a post, Facebook will now calculate the reaction count and display the icons of the buttons most pressed. It might sound a little confusing at first but with everything new there is a learning curve.

[[ According to Facebook News Feed engineering manager Tom Alison, these new buttons were created after the site’s founder Mark Zuckerberg told his team: “I want to really make it easy for people to give other types of feedback than the Like button in News Feed.” ]]

So here are our 5 new Facebook reactions we get to choose from...

When your way too busy to use the new reactions.

When you find a status that you LOVE more than Like and you want to show it some love.

When you don't feel like typing LOL or LMBO just click on the HAHA reaction.
When you see something on Facebook that blows your mind. Just WOW it!
When you see something so sad and you cant bring yourself to "Like" it. Well Facebook has solved that problem too! Thanks guys!

Last but not least...
When you see something that makes you angry! Now you have a way to express that anger.

So what do you all think? Do you think Facebook made a good move by introducing these 5 new reactions and leaving Dislike out? I wonder why they dissed the Dislike? I think it is a odd move since the Like button is something that is synonymous to Facebook. I am not complaining though. I personally can do with out the dislike button. These new reactions are going to be a ton of fun don't you think?

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